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      Q1. How long does the battery of a vaporizer (e-cig) last?
      Answer: Most E-Cig batteries come in several milli-amp hour (mAh) sizes:
      650mah:??The most portable and concealable battery for pockets and purses.
      900mah:??For light smokers and people who like to travel with their vaporizers throughout the day.
      1100mah:??The go-to battery for all day use! This battery will typically last all day when used heavily.

      Q2. Is using vaporizers (E-cigs) safe?
      Answer: While anything containing nicotine cannot be called 100% safe, evidence from numerous studies strongly suggests that they are much safer than tobacco cigarettes.

      Q3. How much does "vaping" cost?
      Answer: After purchasing a kit, most vapers spend about $60??per month??on consumables. Compare that to $40-$60??per week??for tobacco cigarettes!

      Q4. Can a vaporizer (e-cig) be used anywhere?
      Answer: Technically, yes; there is no burning tobacco and no second hand smoke is produced so they can be used anywhere. However, there are certain businesses like restaurants that may not allow it. If you are not sure if vaporizers are permitted in a business you can always ask the staff.??Please be respectful of others' policies.

      Q5. What does the different ???mg??? on the bottles mean?
      Answer: The higher the number the more nicotine the juice contains. Most juices come in??ranges from 0mg to 24mg. Most 1-2 pack a day smokers will start on a 12mg or 18mg juice.

      Also the higher the nicotine content, the greater the throat hit.??It does not mean you will get more vapor.??PG will also help with a better throat hit.??VG will have less throat hit, but produce better vapor.

      Q6. Are vaporizers and e-liquids approved by the FDA?
      Answer: E-cigs and vaporizers??do not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA at this time. They are not banned or un-approved by the FDA.

      Q7.What are the different styles/sizes of vaporizers (e-cigs)?
      Answer: There are several different sizes and styles:
      The smallest ones that look like cigarettes are 1st generation e-cigs/vaporizers. These typically use a cartomizer and a small <600 mAh battery.

      2nd generation e-cig/vaporizer are usually composed of a battery and a tank. These batteries usually come in sizes between 650 mAh and 2400 mAh. The tanks are made of plastic or pyrex depending on the brand/model. This is the typical starting point for most vapers.

      Mods are vaporizers that utilize an external battery. Since the battery can be removed the capacity will depend on which battery is being used. They generally range from 2000 mAh to 3700 mAh. Mods can either be regulated or mechanical. Regulated mods have a chip inside that prevents the battery from being stressed during use and restricts the wattage. Mechanical mods have no electrical chip so they can be more risky and can over-draw a battery. They are typically used by hobbyists. Mods are usually used with some type of rebuildable atomizer.